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Living With Dogs Association is an organization that is grounded on environmental and public health, and seeks that humans and dogs live together in harmony and safety.

About us

KYD’s founding members include persons who are devoted to being part of the solution and committed to share their acquired information and those they will come to know in the future with the public. For this endeavor, they will organize workshops and trainings.


KYD, in order to foster public and animal welfare designs projects and workshops. It seeks to be in communication with everyone regardless of language, religion, age, ethnicity, race on the principle that everyone is equal.

Support us

KYD draws upon your financial support for education, awareness projects, informational briefings and similar outputs. Your contributions are only used for these purposes with due respect to ethical considerations. In case you would like to make food or other type of donations to shelters, KYD provides consultations.

Contact us

Please get in touch with us if you have any concerns, if you would like to share your experiences or ask questions. We value and cherish every opinion. We are waiting for your messages!

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Responsible Ownership

Together we adopt and implement all the written and unwritten rules of living with dogs.

Statistics count!

We conduct surveys in order to collect and analyze data.

We Learn Dogs!

We Learn Dogs is a series of educational courses that is developed in order to foster a safer environment for children to be around dogs and to teach children respect, love and emphathy for dogs.

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