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In light of written and unwritten rules, we want to transform the culture of living with dogs into a healthy and peaceful joint existence.

We want to support and contribute to projects that aim at finding a solution to problems that are faults of irresponsible dog ownership.

Through workshops oriented at children and their parents, we want to help create generations that have embraced the culture of living with dogs.

We want to contribute to environmental and public health, support and develop projects aimed at keeping the population of stray animals under control.

We want to reduce physical injuries and accidents that are a result of the irresponsibility/error of dog parents through the education and activities we provide.

We want to share knowledge, experiences and activities that can be of use to everyone and contribute to dogs and humans living together by respecting the right to live of all living creatures.

We want to remind those people that live with dogs of their responsibilities and legal liabilities and contribute to the welfare of both people and animals.

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