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KYD, in order to foster public and animal welfare designs projects and workshops. It seeks to be in communication with everyone regardless of language, religion, age, ethnicity, race on the principle that everyone is equal.

Proje ve kampanyalar

Responsible Ownership

Together we adopt and implement all the written and unwritten rules of living with dogs. We keep up with modern age and work with for the welfare of both dogs and humans. Join us to spread this word!


The campaign #mahalleminkopekleri that we have launched with is calling everyone to look out for the animals in their streets and hoods.


Our campaign aims to show that it is possible to live in harmony with the animals of our hood through photographs and videos by becoming aware of the individual animals living in our neighborhoods.

We Learn Dogs!

We Learn Dogs is a series of educational courses that is developed in order to foster a safer environment for children to be around dogs and to teach children respect, love and emphathy for dogs.


We teach children  body language for dogs, what it is that dogs may not like and how to act when they encounter a dog.

Statistics count!

We conduct surveys in order to collect and analyze data. These statistics are our guide to come up with applicable solutions.

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