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Did you know?

Did you know that around the world thousands of children are harmed as a result of dog biting. With the right education, 80% of these cases can be prevented.

Together we come up with solutions

With various activities, movies and workshops we work together to create a safe environment for children to be around dogs, building a common future.

How is the body language of dogs?

Body language which is essential for humans, is also our most important guide for our relationship with dogs. The body posture and moves of dogs tell a lot about them.

The education and culture provided by the family has an important determining role for the rest of one’s life. For this reason, families, where the roots of communication with one’s surroundings is planted, are very important for us.

The duty

of the Family

Me too!

Those who do not have the opportunity to meet with us in person can make use of our educational output.

(Reproduction is conditional on approval)

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